(麻坡18日讯)爱民如子的柔佛苏丹依布拉欣突然大驾光临一间食肆Restoran Ansari ,让在场的食客喜出望外。
苏丹还打破皇室礼节,与民一起吃早餐。 苏丹毫无没有排场,点菜后就坐在餐桌上进食。
苏丹痛失爱子,目前还在哀悼期,殿下是戴上绑上白缎的宋谷帽。 据悉,苏丹当时还请全场的食客免费进餐,食客无需付费。 不但如此,苏丹甚至还为所有当天光顾该食肆的顾客埋单!
苏丹的面书稍后也上载苏丹在该食肆用餐的照片,在短时间内,就有几万个网民按赞! 很多网民都纷纷留言赞扬苏丹殿下的亲民作风。 “我不是柔佛人,但我是柔佛皇室成员的粉丝。” “我替柔佛州感到骄傲,因为有像苏丹依布拉欣那样的统治者,希望我下个月在柔佛时,我能有幸碰见殿下。” 而另一个网民法兹达胡欣指出,苏丹依布拉欣是国内最好的统治者。 “苏丹殿下的言行和人格,心中有万民,令我想成为柔佛子民。” “我祝愿苏丹和苏丹后身体健康。” “柔佛苏丹很随和,用的还是跟普通老百姓一样的餐具。“ “苏丹不只是与民一同用餐,还做东请大家,上哪儿找如此爱民的苏丹?” “虽然我是砂拉越人,但我支持和向柔佛苏丹致敬。纳吉应该向殿下学习如何关怀子民。” 甚至有网民表示希望成为柔佛州子民。
MUAR: The Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar today entered a crowded eatery here and gave all the patrons of Restoran Ansari a treat. With a white sash on his songkok, the Sultan waived formalities aside and ate with the rakyat. Without any frills or fuss and in the absence of any protocol, Sultan Ibrahim ordered his food and sat down to dine with his subjects, as seen on the ruler's Facebook page. The post, uploaded at 8am, already had 3,204 shares and 31,091 likes at the time of writing. The Sultan not only treated the diners, but also paid the proprietor of the eatery to deliver free food to everyone for the rest of the day. Facebook user Azira Fadzil lauded the gracious gesture of the Sultan. Azira said although she was not a Johorean, she was a big fan of the Johor royal family. "I feel so proud that the state has a ruler like Sultan Ibrahim, and hope that when I am in Johor next month, I can bump into Tuanku," she wrote. Another user, Fazidah Husin hailed the Sultan as the best in the country. "Tuanku's action and character alone makes me want to be a Johorean, as the ruler clearly has the rakyat in his heart. I pray for the Sultan and the Permaisuri Johor to have good health," Fazidah said.
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