這話是巫統雙溪大年區部副主席莎寧莫哈默尤索夫上議員Senator Shahnim Mohamad Yusoff說的。還說得臉不紅氣不喘,說得理直氣壯。這也不算賄賂?那全世界都沒有貪污啦。
莎寧是在上個星期被拍到照片,證明她在開赴吉隆坡出席巫統中央代表大會的旅遊巴士上,手裡拿著一疊鈔票逐一派給婦女黨員。這照片被【砂拉越報告】率先揭發,引發了許多議論,網民都在痛罵,也有些揶揄她是不是因為黨主席公然貪污26億都沒事,所以有樣學樣也公開玩金錢政治。 她今天在個人面書上直接承認派錢的就是她本人,但是她不覺得有什麼錯,她強辯說這是【財富分享】Fortune Sharing,不算賄賂。她甚至動不動就抬出真主阿拉當擋箭牌,她說感謝阿拉讓她獲得豐盛的財富,她要拿出一部分與黨員分享。這沒什麼不對。她說。
這種派錢方式,在台灣選舉名詞中叫做【走路工】,就是把支持者載到某個地點參加活動,代價是分到紅包、免費旅遊和餐點供應。這在台灣的定義就是賄選,沒得狡辯。 現在的巫統,在納吉的領導之下,上上下下都變成了貪污份子,大有大貪,小有小貪;若有不貪,沒機會參。所有的貪污行為都被合理化了。明明是貪污濫權腐敗的行為,她們都能硬拗變成理直氣壯。這是什麼妖獸? 話說回來,她派給每個支持者【分享財富】只是區區50令吉,原來這些支持者的尊嚴只值得50令吉?太Cheap了吧?50令吉能買到什麼?50令吉就出賣了尊嚴嗎?原來馬來人的尊嚴是這麼廉價的。 於是,我們又想起了那為了區區2400令吉的Claim 單被貪污局活活整死的趙明福。可憐的趙明福。。。。
「It’s me,」 says senator embroiled in RM50 bills controversy KUALA LUMPUR: Senator Shahnim Mohamad Yusoff, who is also Sungai Petani deputy Umno chief, has admitted that she did hand out cash to Wanita Umno members aboard a bus in the lead up to the party’s general assembly last week. In a report in Malay Mail Online today, she confirmed on her Facebook page and wrote: 「I』m Shahanim Binti Mohamad Yusoff and I admit to giving money to Umno members and constituents from the villages who come to KL once a year during the general assembly.」 The photo, first released by Sarawak Report, the UK-based whistleblower website whose founder-editor is Clare Rewcastle Brown, identified Shahanim as handing out RM50 notes to Wanita Umno members and constituents aboard a bus en route to the Umno General Assembly last week. Since the photo’s release, public backlash against the senator ensued and she addressed criticisms via social media by stating: 「Let me be insulted for giving, rather than ignoring my villagers who had come to KL. Let the whole world make this viral, but I am still me. I will continue to share my fortune with the less fortunate.」 「One has to have a big heart to be a leader. I am me and I admit that I had given (the money). Thanks to Allah, we could share this fortune, not just among the aunties but also odd job workers and poor students.」 The allegations of cash distribution in exchange for support are nothing new, but resurfaced at a time when questions related to money politics and fiduciary responsibility within the Umno leadership have taken centrestage and created a rift within Malaysia’s largest Malay-based party.
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